10 Things to know before to go to Lebanon

Lebanon is by far one of my favorite countries. So if you are planning to visit it soon, keep in mind this 10 things :

  • Lebanon is an arabic country in western Asia ( bordered by Syria to the north and Palestine to the South)
  • Lebanon use USD as a de facto currency, the USD-LBP is fixed at 1 USD = 1500 LBP, but you can pay anything in both currencies.
    I suggest you to convert your money to USD, as it’s hard to sell lebanese pounds outside Lebanon, in case you still have it after your trip
  • Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, it was known before the civil war as “Paris of the middle east” 😍😍
  • Most locals speak 3 languages: Arabic, English and French
  • Lebanon has the most religiously diverse society, with two main religions Islam ( Sunna & Shiaa) and Christianity (Maronite, Orthodox, Mekite & Protestant)
  • If you have an israeli stamp in your passeport, even with a lebanese visa, you will be stopped and barred from entering the country. So if you are planning to go to Israel/Palestine before visiting Lebanon ask them to stamp in a piece of paper.
  • Lebanese Food is JUST GREAT !!! I will write a whole post about lebanese food 😋😋
  • For transportation, take Uber or Careem it’s way cheaper than taxis
  • If you are a graffiti lover, you will enjoy walking around beirut streets
  • Don’t Hold camera in secured areas, guards can ask you to stop taking pictures or to delete it if you already took ones

Bonus : Learn some lebanese words before to go :

– Hello = Marhaba
– Welcome = Ahla w Sahla
– How are you? = Kifek ?
– My name is … = Esmi …
– I am from … = ana min …
– Thank you = Chokran
– I don’t understand = Mabafham
– Sorry = Asef
– How much is it ? = 2adich Se3ro ?
– Please = min fadlek

Hey there! I am Asmaa, a 26 y-old travelblogger who loves discovering new places and learning new things

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