How to spend less money while travelling

Hello Guys, Today I ll share with you some Travel Hacks that will let you spend less money when travelling. Dont worry you ll still enjoy your trip with a low budget …

Spend Less to travel More
–euuh Me ūüėÄ

1. Why spending money in hotels?

Seriously why ? if it’s not for your honeymoon why should you pay an amount for nights in fancy hotels while you can get more exciting experiences with a cheaper prices elsewhere.

if you are a soloTraveler,¬†¬†the hotel will be the worst part of your adventure, it ll make you feel alone . Go for hostels, the prices there are affordable and you have the greatest opportunity to meet new people from all over the world who have the same interests and ¬†share with you the passion of “TRAVELING” with you.

Personally I’ve met¬†many great friends in hostels and I enjoyed my days exploring cities with them.

If you are travelling with a group, friends or family, and need more privacy, Airbnb will be your best choice.

Note : Before to book a hostel or a Airbnb read the previous reviews, look for the location in google maps and check for the nearest bus/metro station ( in case you reach there late by night).

2. What if we avoid taxis  :

Let’s say you can’t walk from point A -> B , but the taxi may not be necessarily the best solution.

Before going to any country/city, check the prices of Uber/Careem/Grab or any other similar app.  you may be lucky finding a coupon code or a promo during your trip period .

Travel hacks

In case the Uber is not good enough for you, there is a public transportations everywhere, get the itinerary map from tourism office and save money enjoying the ride with locals

Walking can also be a good way of getting to places and discovering new stops you might not have written down in your itineraries.

3. Don’t exchange money in airport :

Unless you are rich and you don’t care, please don’t waste your money by exchanging it in the airport. You can save a good amount by exchanging it in your bank before travelling. In case you need more cash you can always exchange in ATM or exchange office.

4. To travel is to eat local food :

If you travel all the way till the other part of the world to eat in McDonalds, Burger King … Sorry something is wrong with you . ¬†Goodness!! TRY THE LOCAL FOOD!! it’s part of your adventure to taste new cuisine. And the best is to try it at a local restaurant, it’s cheap and a good way to feel like a local



5. The best entertainment is the free one :

In every city, there are plenty of instances of free entertainment, Take it all in before looking for paid ones.

6. Don’t forget your student ID Card:

If you are a student, there are places that offer good student discounts. So, don’t forget your SID.

Okey now I guess with those travel hacks, no one has an excuse to not explore the world.


Hey there! I am Asmaa, a 26 y-old travelblogger who loves discovering new places and learning new things

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