How to book a cheap flight

Last month I was trying to book a flight for my annual holidays to Morocco and I realized that I can get tickets for quiet the same period with 200$ difference . So I decided to share with you all the tips to let you book a cheap flight and save a good amount of money

1- Start planning 3 months before:

Booking a flight is the first step of your trip, and it takes usually a big part of your budget. To be sure of getting a cheap one, book it at least 12 weeks before the departure day. After 3 months the prices go up, with a low probability to go down.. and you will still have 3 months to save more money 😅😅.

2- Be Flexible :

Be flexible , means you should be adaptable on the travel period, your destination and even how long the flight will take.
Once you decide to travel, pick a period not an exact day, and based on your budget start looking for a destination (You can use skyscanner or google flight for the date and destination flexibility).
If you already have a destination on mind, look for it and all the airports less popular around it, that may be cheaper .

book cheap flight

If you are not insistent on destination, live your dream and let your luck and google(or whatever you use) guide you:book cheap flight

Look for flights with transits. it’s usually cheaper than a direct one. I know you will spend more time but still fine 😅, think about how much money you can save too, and what you can do with it 😄.
It’s not that easy to combine flights by your self, so use one of many flights aggregator website to help you ( SkyScanner or Kayak ,..)

Make sure to check the luggage allowed for every flight and their prices too 😉

book cheap flight

3- Set prices alerts:

As you know the prices can go up and down whithin a day , to seize the fall opportunity, you can set a price alerts on Google flight, so you will receive a notification every time the price changes ( Let’s hope it ll go down 😄 ) ..

To strengthen your chances, set an alerts for many days and many departures / arrival airports 🙂


4- Avoid Holidays and weekends:

This is an obvious one, to get a good flight price you must avoid the high season. avoid the period when every one want to travel too 😀 . You will be probably working alone at office by July or August, but you will travel when people are working 😅

5- Delete your cookies :

book a cheap flightuuuhh not your sweet lovely cookies 😝, The browser cookies😄.

Many airlines websites check your cookies before to display the prices, so if you visited the website many time, the price will automatically increase. I suggest you to delete your cookies every time you research. if you are lasy to do this every time just browse in private in a incognito mode.


No excuses any more , Travel for cheap and make others jealous by sharing your trip pictures 😀 😀

Safe flight to everyone ❤️


Hey there! I am Asmaa, a 26 y-old travelblogger who loves discovering new places and learning new things

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