30 hours in GeorgeTown, Penang

Welcome to Penang

Penang is not so big so you can explore it in 2 days, I was short in time So I chose to explore more georgetown, the colorful capital of Penang, which contains different cultural heritage sites (Chineese, malai and indian).

How to get to Penang ?

In order to get to Penang from KualaLumpur you will have 3 choices  :

  • Take a Train from KL sentral to Butterworth, and then take a ferry from Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal; duration : 5 hours
  • You can also take a flight from Kuala Lumpur with AirAsia Or with any other company. During my travels, i took a firefly flight from sultan abdul aziz shah airport for less than 25$
  • Sharing a road is also a good option, using any carpooling app you can find someone taking the itinerary and you need just to pay the costs splitted between you
  • Carpooling is also a pretty good idea in this situation. You can find travelers with your same itinerary, using one of the carpooling apps available ( Ex: CarpoolWorld)

P.A: if you choose to fly to PNG, you will find taxi services in front of the airport which will cost you around 44RM~10$ to reach georgeTown. I suggest you to take a Uber or a bus it is cheaper:

  • Bus : 2RM~0.5$
  • Uber: 15 RM~ 3.55$

Where I stayed in GeorgeTown,Penang ?

I chose Ryokan Muntri Boutique Hostel for its location, which is smacked right in the middle of the Unesco World Heritage territory. The hostel was clean with a wonderful staff, and even the prices there are affordable with a free breakfast .

You can choose another hostel around but I think it’s the best location location to stay in .

What to see in 30 hours ?

GeorgeTown is a charming city with a great mix of old and modern cultures. every street is a piece of art. Here what you can see in less than 30 hours:

Street Art : Take an amazing tour around georgeTown to discover the unique painted walls mimicking life in the city and the wrought-iron caricatures with anecdotal descriptions of the streets that they adorn.
There is a map at the tourist office marking each design, and there is also a circuit for a metal structures. Take the game as a treasure hunt and enjoy finding all the hiding designs.

GeorgeTown, penang

Clan Jetties :

There is many jetties in penang, the most popular is Chew jetty. It’s a great place full of charm where you can discover how people who built their houses on stilts live.

 Upside down museum : 

It’s a must visit, walking through the museum is like going around an upside down house. you can go from room to room, seeing the upside down living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and there is even cafes and shops that are upside down.

If you are a student dont forget your student card , you will get a discount 😉


Penang is a big proof that all religions can coexist in the same place. I enjoyed visiting different sacred religious sites:

Kapitan Keling Mosque : it’s the largest mosque in GeogeTown and a Penang landmark. Built in 1801 by Penang’s first Indian Muslim settlers. The building is a mix of Gothic, Moorish and Roman architectures. Every one can visit the mosque on condition to be properly attired.

Sri Mariamman Temple : it’s a lovely colorful temple in little india. Built in 1833, it’s the oldest hindu temple in Penang. I got the chance to visit it in a puja time, prayer ritual performance. I enjoyed discovering how hindus worship their gods.
Note that taking picture is allowed in this temple.

There is many other amazing places to visit in Penang, my trip was short in time So I tried to as I can. Hope this guide will help you preparing for your Penang Trip

Travel safe <3

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