Once in Kuala Lumpur airport

I just landed in Kuala Lumpur airport, it’s my second time here. but this time the trip will be quite different. I always used to solo travel or to be with my travel buddy on a low budget trip. it means no fancy hotels, Ok, to be honest, we never traveled with a clear plan. we book round trip tickets with 2 nights stay in a hostel/hotel and we follow the good vibes.

This time, the plan was mandatory and part of my negotiation; Ah I forgot to say that I ‘ve been convincing my parents to take this trip since 2016.; but I finally got the big unbelievable, unpredictable Yes and I switched from a solo crazy traveler to a family travel agent.

Before to go deep in this family adventure, I would like to share with you some necessary info you need to know:

  • The airport is 60km from the city center, so if you will have an appointment with your Airbnb host or need to specify your expected arrival time to your hotel, you must count around 3 hours from the landing time;
  • /!\ DONT exchange a big amount of money at the airport, believe me, you will regret it. (Ex: the exchange rate at the airport was EUR/MYR = 4.2 and in the city center EUR/MYR=4.7, So by exchanging only 50euros you will lose 25 rm which is Double Cheeseburger price in Mcdonalds).
  • Don’t take an unmetered taxi, Make sure they switch the meter on before entering. Or buy taxi coupons from offices in the Arrival Hall. the price should be around 100rm. don’t hesitate to negotiate and double check if the taxes are included or not.
  • In Malaysia, they have apps similar to Uber: Grab, MyCar. download both of them and always compare before to book. Ex: from Kuala Lumpur airport to City center, a minivan cost me 110 rm ~ 24€ (taxes included)
  • if you are solo, the bus is the cheapest solution for 12rm and it takes around an hour. If you are in a hurry, pay 55rm for KLIA Ekspres and you will arrive at KL Sentral in 30 min.
  • I bought a Digi sim card for 40rm with a 2 weeks package ( unlimited calls + 20Go internet). I didn’t get the chance to compare prices at Digi stores in the city center. but I needed it to get internet and order my Grab 😅


Hope you will get benefits from all this information. Please don’t hesitate to comment with any other tips so I can re-edit this post

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